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Workshops Just for Adults

Here's one way Adam Swartz Puppets connects with adults:

Shared Alliance PD 11.10.2018.jpg

Adam has served as keynote speaker and worshop leader at mutliple educational conferences and professional development events.  In some cases he has also provided bulk quantities of Pupphats™ to add to the hands-on experience. 

Here's what one workshop participant had to say about her experience:

"I just attended Adam Swartz’s workshop and closing talk at the Play is Powerful mini-conference in Indiana, PA. It was a great, silly time and provided lots of serious ideas for how to get my own family more involved in open-ended creative stories with puppets. (And I got to be a green-bearded troll, haha!!)"

Contact Adam for more information about scheduling an event for your group.

Here's another:


Following  the success of the inaugural Beer & Puppet event in June of 2018, Adam Swartz Puppets is continuing its quest to connect adults and puppets in an up-close and personal way with a brand new series of Beer & Puppets, introducing  new forms of puppets to make and opportunities to focus on puppet performance.  While, of course, enjoying your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and the company of like-minded adults.

A series of six events is scheduled for the State Theatre in 2019. Click here for more information.

Beer & Puppets also provides a unique team-building experience for businesses and other organizations.  Contact Adam if you would like to explore this possibility further.

Finally, we're looking for some local breweries, vineyards, and other businesses that may be interested in sponsoring some or all of the theatre rental cost. In exchange we'd love to give you as much publicity as we can and tickets to our events.  Click here for more information about sponsoring our events at the State Theatre.

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