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About Adam & Adam Swartz Puppets

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"When I was a kid, I was inspired to spend the  rest of my life inspiring other people; to educate and entertain.  It is my goal to reach as many people as I can, to encourage them to use their imaginations, to be creative, and to open their minds to learning and doing good things in the world.  I hope that each time I interact with an audience or work with someone new, we are all making connections and helping each other to think, learn, grow, create, and inspire others todo the same.

-Adam Swartz

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Adam Swartz has a degree in Integrative Arts from Penn State University. He has been

traveling the United States since 1999, using his powers of storytelling and puppetry for

good. He has a background in performance, multimedia visual art, technical theater, and

education. Adam gained much insight and experience training with the Brooklyn Puppet

Conspiracy at a series of workshops, as well as Sesame Workshop puppeteers at a week-

long invitational workshop. He also ventured from Pennsylvania to the University of North Texas for “Beyond the Sock,” another week of training with skilled muppeteers.


For Adam Swartz Puppets, Adam creates and performs original, interactive puppet

shows to entertain and educate crowds of all ages. He directs summer theater camps and presents year-round workshops for children and adults and is a registered artist with the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts and participates in extended residency programs with Galaxy Arts in Education and Arts Erie in Pennsylvania. 


Adam also designs and builds puppets for other artists. In addition to puppeteering, acting, and doing technical work for his own theatre company and others, Adam is a storyteller for Middle Earth Studios in Stony Run, Pennsylvania.

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