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Puppet Playdates!

rainbow puppets.JPG

Make some new friends at a virtual puppet playdate. 

Contact us to schedule an online meeting with one or more of the puppets in our Cast of Characters.

Here are some fun things to try at a Puppet Playdate:

  • Charades!

  • Drawing!

  • Jokes!

  • Making or Sharing another puppet!

  • Reading!

  • Show and Tell!

  • Singing and Dancing!

  • Games!

  • And more!

Puppet playdates can include kids and grownups on one or more devices, and can last a few minutes or the better part of an hour. We are happy to offer puppet playdates as a free service to encourage families to find new ways to stay connected and creative while staying safe at home. Donations are welcome and support our programming. 

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