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Adam Swartz Puppets offers performances and educational workshops for students in grades K-12.  Workshops focus on historical, artistic, and/or performance aspects of puppetry.  Workshops can be one-time or extended over a period of time, culminating in participant performances.  For one-time workshops or extended residencies, program content can be adapted to enhance classroom units of study or curriculum requirements.  We also offer workshops for teachers on integrating visual arts, theatrical arts, and storytelling/writing themes into the classroom.

"Thank you so much for being such an awesome resident!  The talent that you brought out in the first graders was absolutely amazing.  You turned the one student who was terrified of puppets into one of the top puppeteers in first grade...that just says it all."

- Enrichment Teacher at Robb Elementary

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Adam is a registered artist with the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts and the Galaxy Arts in Education program, serving schools in the CIU-10.  Please refer to Rates for non-Galaxy schools.

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