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Our Reviews

"I think your puppet shows are great!  Why?  Because you write your own scripts, you make your own puppets and you interact with the kids... at the end you are so patient with the children answering their questions about puppetry.  You are so artistic and talented (and usually that means that a person is not kid-friendly) but you are so kid-friendly.  You love kids and teaching and it shows.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!!"

-Susan Miriello. Mifflin County Childrens Librarian

"It was their favorite week of camp all summer. We also watched the dvd last night--so funny and terrific! We were laughing and all agreed we would subscribe to that show if you made it a regular you tube channel event!! Friday's show was so fun. We also really appreciated the individual awards and the time Kathy took to acknowledge each child and describe their contributions to the camp experience. That was really special."

-A Parent of Campers

"...fantastic time at Puppet Camp again this year - even more fun than last year.  You both have such a great rapport with the kids and the kids feel like you are totally engaged with them.  We watched the video over the weekend and truly enjoyed it.  Adam, you are totally one with your puppet and the kids see and feel that - what a wonderful model for them. Can't wait until next summer!"

-A Camper's Parent

I just attended Adam Swartz’s workshop and closing talk at the Play is Powerful mini-conference in Indiana, PA. It was a great, silly time and provided lots of serious ideas for how to get my own family more involved in open-ended creative stories with puppets. (And I got to be a green-bearded troll, haha!!)

-Jane Caldwell

I'm a huge fan of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol in its original form, and not always happy with adaptations. So my expectations for one aimed at kids and featuring puppet characters wasn't terribly high. But Adam Swartz Puppets delivered the goods and then some. The rich language is there as appropriate, but the real spirit of the book is carried by the human and puppet performers, including those recruited from the audience. The puppet Spirits were brilliantly designed, and I loved their interactions with Swartz as the all-too-human Scrooge. I expect this show to become an annual holiday tradition and look forward to seeing it again next year.

-Jean Morrow

"I remember one year a child was scared and crying, you came around to the front with a puppet and let the kids see the puppet first. To intro a puppet, talk about how they move, how you build them..."

Molly A. Hetrick, Recreation Supervisor - Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

"Thank you so much for being such an awesome resident!  The talent that you brought out in the first graders was absolutely amazing.  You turned the one student who was terrified of puppets into one of the top puppeteers in first grade...that just says it all."

- Enrichment Teacher at Robb Elementary

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