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Workshops and Professional Development

Workshops are hands-on and will get participants involved in the visual art and performing side of puppetry.  Workshops can be tailored to individual needs/events, and may include:

  • Creating puppet “eye-balls” to practice puppet manipulation

  • Using video monitors and "muppet-style" puppetry techniques

  • Designing and creating hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, or blacklight puppets

  • Creating an “instant puppet show”

  • Exploring historical and contemporary puppetry

  • Using acting games to practice performance skills


Workshops are for people of any age and ability!  

Beer & Puppets Workshops, on the other hand, are just for grown-ups. They are for individuals, groups of friends, organizations, fundraisers, and fun-raisers. Learn more about our take on "Paint & Sip" here!

Adam and Billy with little kids in schoo
Eye puppet.jpg

Professional Development Workshops and Presentations are for folks continuing their education in the fields of child development, education, the arts, or for anyone who wants to develop their communication and problem solving skills in a creative, supportive and fun environment. Topics include the Power of Play and Using Puppetry to Address Challenging Behaviors.

Contact us to learn more or schedule a workshop.

I just attended Adam Swartz’s workshop and closing talk at the Play is Powerful mini-conference in Indiana, PA. It was a great, silly time and provided lots of serious ideas for how to get my own family more involved in open-ended creative stories with puppets. (And I got to be a green-bearded troll, haha!!)

-Jane Caldwell

"I remember one year a child was scared and crying, you came around to the front with a puppet and let the kids see the puppet first. To intro a puppet, talk about how they move, how you build them..."

Molly A. Hetrick, Recreation Supervisor - Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

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