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Each year, Adam Swartz Puppets presents an original interactive puppet show for all ages to fit the theme of the Collaborative Summer Library Program.  Our shows promote reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; encourage cooperation, creative problem solving, and tolerance; and bring families together for fun at the library.  We love libraries and strive to offer affordable, quality programs that celebrate summer reading.  See our rates and contact us for more information.

Swartz 6 6.23.15.jpg

"I think your puppet shows are great!  Why?  Because you write your own scripts, you make your own puppets and you interact with the kids... at the end you are so patient with the children answering their questions about puppetry.  You are so artistic and talented (and usually that means that a person is not kid-friendly) but you are so kid-friendly.  You love kids and teaching and it shows.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!!"

-Susan Miriello.

Mifflin County Childrens Librarian

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