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"Dear Kathleen and Adam:


I just read your script for Wishtree and I was completely blown away! I loved the moments of humorous dialog you added (and wish I’d thought of them). Somehow you managed to take a lot of moving parts and turn them into a seamless play.


I’ve had more than a few people (usually adults) tell me that they cry when they reach the “STAY” scene, but this time it was my turn. Your idea to include audience members in that moment is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for thinking of it.


I very much hope I can catch a performance (I live in California, so that may prove difficult.) But please know I’ll be there in spirit, applauding my heart out.

All my best,


Be involved in our biggest production to date! We have great news.

Award winning author, Katherine Applegate, has approved our stage adaptation of her novel, Wishtree. 

To make this happen, we'll need to build some serious puppets and put them on a serious stage!

Wishtree is the story of a diverse community rallying together,

and we want our community to be involved in telling it.

Here's how you can help:

Share your wishes with us and, like Red in Wishtree, share your ideas for making others' wishes come true! 

Post and read wishes and ideas for granting them!

Join the cast or crew of Wishtree! 

Make a donation to our Wishtree Kickstarter and help grant our wish of bringing Katherine Applegate's

amazing book to life on the stage!

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