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Match the Song Type to the Song

Common Types of Musical Theatre Songs

A. "I Want" Song- Tells the audience about the main character's goals, hopes, and dreams; usually near the beginning of the show.

B. Conditional Love Song- The character(s) who sing this song might not be in love yet, but they probably will be by the time the show's over. Unlike a traditional love song or friendly duet, the characters have to overcome something before they realize their love for each other.

C. Comic List Song- A chance for the singer(s) to show off their quick-witted, mad-rhyming-skills.

D. (Plotless) Act Two Opener- Warms up the audience and brings them back into the world of show after intermission. Probably with secondary characters and a big dance number.

E. Eleven O'Clock Number- When shows on Broadway used to start at 8:45 pm, they would be almost over at about 11:00 pm. An especially exciting or dramatic song for the main character, or for many characters builds energy before the end of the show.

Match More Musical Theatre Vocabulary!

How many categories fit each song?

Overture- A piece of music to open the musical, often including some of the key themes from the show.

Solo- A song for a single character.

Duet- A song for two characters. 

Recitative- Where dialog crucial to the movement of the plot is quasi-sung, most often found in through-sung musicals.

Chorus- A number where everyone in the show performs together. 

Ensemble- The ensemble is anyone in the cast with a solo line (however short!) An ensemble number will feature only these characters.

Counterpoint- A song with more than one independent melody.

Dance- An extended dance number of any type.

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