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Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days

May 6-16, 2021

We are excited to offer workshops for kids, families, and professionals!

May 8 & 15 @ 10:00 am:

pUP-cycled Puppetry pARTy

Build a simple hand puppet and learn the beginner secrets of puppetry. We'll provide a common household materials scavenger hunt and some patterns to print before the workshop to create the sock puppet of your dreams. After we build together, we'll try some activities with our new puppets.

May 15 @ 3pm:

Professional Development Workshop, Puppetry for Social Emotional Learning

Puppets have been used throughout history & all over the world for creative expression, storytelling, & problem-solving. Participants will learn about & practice basic hand puppet manipulation skills & improvisational acting exercises. Resources & activities explored in this training can be directly applied to work with children, promoting: 

confidence (self-awareness)

self-control (self-management, responsible decision making)

respect (social awareness, responsible decision making) 

empathy (social awareness, responsible decision making)   

positive communication (relationship skills, responsible decision making)

cooperation (relationship skills, responsible decision making)

                                                                PUPPET BUILDING PANTRY

Low temp hot glue guns & sticks


Exacto or box cutter for slicing ping-pong balls & other materials (can also use scissors or seam ripper)



Needle & thread/sewing machine

Ping pong balls &/or bottle caps


Thin foam



Egg Cartons

Pipe cleaners




Googly eyes (we often cut them open & use just the pupils)


Fabric scraps & More! (anything small & crafty, recycled/found objects, etc)

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