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Cast of Characters


She has big ideas, and doesn't let much get her down.  She is always inventing and creating.  She loves to help her best friend Jimmy with his musical act.

alien puppet.jpg
The Alien


Crash-landed on Earth from Planet N-0-H-2-0 and has made it his mission to encourage Earthlings to take good care of our water supply.

Archibald the wizard.JPG
Archibald the Wizard


Archibald has many magic tricks up his sleeves, some more magical, some more tricky.  He has been performing for a long, long time.



An easy-going, jovial guy who happens to be a mythical beast rumored to roam the forests.  He enjoys helping out friends in need and jazz music.



An exuberant young fellow.  He’s not sure what kind of creature he is, but he’s fun-loving and friendly.

bucket puppet.jpg


Bucket likes to keep things simple and is a little uncomfortable with things he doesn't understand.  

Blue Bucket



An assortment of real and imaginary insects.  Catch them if you can!

Captain Leo 6.JPG
Captain Leo


A kind, wise, and strong super hero, and the founding father of "Heroes on Hand," a team of problem-solving day-savers!

Damsel 4.JPG
Damsel often is Distress!  Why does every villain seem to want to use her as a pawn in treacherous schemes?  Don't worry, she always gets out of a jam!

The Dancing Creature


May be a chicken, a monkey, an alien, or something else?!  Whatever it is, it sure can dance!

Francine the Duck


is a plucky duckling with a big imagination…sometimes a little too big. 

Frank 2.JPG
Frank the Frog


An old frog with lots of stories to share, when he can remember them.

Skip, and Sally


A self-described “hip, young granny who likes to play with the kids.” 

Skip is one mellow dude who uses big words but isn’t always sure what they mean.  

Sally is a spunky young lady who loves her brother, even he drives her crazy.

Groovy Guru 2.jpg
Groovy Guru
A traveling musician and storyteller with a myriad of groovy tales and tunes to share.

Hare 12.jpg


A very friendly, rather easily distracted fellow, and a track and field star.  He is also interested in many, many other things that he would love to tell you all about. 



A  clever fellow from Down Under.  He may be blind, but he uses his fine-tuned senses of smell, hearing, taste, and touch to create pictures in his mind's eye.


Joe Flashlight


Joe loves to emcee, and in his spare time he helps his friends and solves mysteries.  He has an impressive hat collection.

Johnny the Pirate and Polly the Parrot

Johnny has given up piracy to work as a farmer, pastry chef, and stand-up comic.  He is currently touring with his parrot, Polly.

Jebediah Hornswaggle


He's a ropin', ridin', hoppin' cowpoke who travels near and far with his pretend kangaroo, Bucky, sharing wise cracks and true pearls of wisdom.

The Winds of Jupiter 1.jpg


The Winds on this planet's Little Red Spot blow up to 384 miles per hour, so he's a very strong competitor in the Galaxy Games!  He's a good sport though, and will take it down a notch to help you fly a kite.



He is a little shy but has lots of talent.  He is a singer-songwriter trying to make it big.

story machine no light.JPG
The Machine


A high-tech, state-of-the-art, whatever-you-need mechanical marvel!  It has been a Joke Machine, a Story Machine, and, for Detective Joe Flashlight, the clue-crunching Silverberry 3000, a mystery-solving machine.

Mr Sun 1.jpg
Mr. Sun


Living up to his name, the Sun is a warm guy who enjoys friendly competition in the Galaxy Games Forces of Nature Challenge.  On his nights off you'll most likely find him relaxing on the beach.

Shelly 2.JPG

A peppy Southern belle who loves to learn new things.  She is enthusiastic about everything!

PJ 1.jpg
P. J. Scrapperson


He is fun, outgoing, up-close and personable, fellow.  He is always ready for anything!

Professor Montgomery Aloysius Willowby


A well-traveled, well-educated, well-rounded gentleman, who never misses a teachable moment.

Radioactive Blob2.JPG
Radioactive Blob


...from Outer Space!  This glowing glob of goo has a strong bite- but it could give you super powers.


Super Guy


A mild-mannered regular guy given super-powers by a Radioactive Blob from Outer Space. He always uses them for good!

Tortoise 4.jpg


He is a disciplined and determined, albeit unlikely, athlete who knows all about setting goals and working hard.  He may be slow, but he has improved his personal time considerably!  

Woofer and Tweeter


Old friends who enjoy road trips, music, and the outdoors.

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